The goal is to keep it simple and secure.

No registration necessary. Locations can let users know to text the locations phone number to 833TEXT808 OR create a QR Code.

The basic idea is that users would send a text message to 833TEXT808 (8338398808) with a unique identifier. (3) data points are created when that happens:

  1. User cell phone number

  2. Date and Time

  3. Unique Location ID

Create a QR code here.

Locations can generate a QR code which would automatically create the SMS message for your users. Its a text message to 833TEXT808 (8338398808) with your location phone number. Format looks like this:

Number : 8338398808

Message : <Your location 10 digit number>

*Honolulu City Buses could use a code such as 8085551<Bus#> 

Image by Hugo Jehanne


Manual Verification

Because we do not want false alarms going out scaring the public, we will manually verify that the location had an infection. How do we do that?

  1. Owner / Manager of the location would call us showing caller ID of the location. This would be the same number customers were texting to 833-TEXT-808.​

  2. We will call the Owner / Manager back to confirm they own the phone number.

  3. We will send out text messages to any number which has a pairing to the locations number up to 2 weeks AFTER the infected person visited. ​​



1. You send a text to 833TEXT808 with a location phone number.

2. You will get a confirmation of subscription. Which you could show to a restaurant that you did send in your number.

3. If there is a positive case, the system will notify you with the date of your visit and the data of the infected persons visit.

4. Marketing function - let customers know that you've done a deep clean and are open for business.