Send text to sign up for notifications for 2 weeks

As Hawaii gets more and more cases, we will not be able to contact trace fast enough. If each individual is responsible for their own tracking, it can be done.

  • Users do not want to install an app because they don't want to be tracked 24/7.

  • Restaurants don't want to keep slips of paper with names and numbers and have to call each one if there is an infection.

  • Bus drivers do not have the time to log each rider.

Location Owners, how to "sign up": 

Locations / buses create a QR code and post a sign for patrons to scan. That's it. 

How it works for the public:

1. Patrons of a location scan a QR code which automatically writes a text message for them. They send the text message to be subscribed for 2 weeks.

2. If there is a positive case within the (2) weeks, we can text anyone who subscribed with the date of the infected persons visit, their date of visit (since we sometimes forget) and information on what to do now.

3. Marketing function - let customers know that you've done a deep clean and are open for business.

Simple, and even dumb phones can participate (they would just send a manual text).



Scan the QR code and send

Your cell phone will send a text to 833TEXT808 with the message "8088488888". If you have a flip phone, you can send the same text message manually.

We would be able to text you if we have a positive covid case and direct you to a website which would explain what to do next. 

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518 Holokahana Lane
Honolulu, HI 96817

833TEXT808 (8338398808)

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Here to Help is powered by We are a local company doing Hosted VoIP Phone Systems since 2001. We saw a need for tracking, so we are trying to help. Ideally the need for this service goes away, but until it does, we will keep trying.